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Private helicopter charter is not as expensive as you may believe, give our Ops teams a call today with your requirements and let us take the hassle out of travel. We offer helicopter charter for business meetings, social trips, music festivals, racing venues and corporate days.

Are you running an event? helicopters can be a great source of revenue. Turweston Helicopters have years of experience working with some of the best and established venues in the UK, Santa Pod, Torbay Airshow, Motor Madness, Glastonbury, to mention a view.

Limited OFFER! Turweston Helicopters are now offering a series of short tours over the Northamptonshire & Buckinghamshire countryside, a great way to enjoy the summer season. The cost is £125-00 per person for a 20 mile round trip.

Utlility Helicopter

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Cargo Transport

Being located in the heart of the England, Turweston Helicopters has the perfect combination of aircraft and geographical position to provide express cargo support and delivery.

Turweston Helicopters can handle any load from an emergency document delivery through to medium boxed cargo.

Film & Photography

The helicopter offers an aerial filming platform unlike any other, its unique ability to hover, make slow approaches, carry out vertical shots and many more set it aside from most other forms of filming vehicles. Turweston Helicopters can take you to unique areas only visible from the air and help you achieve that perfect shot.

Our pilots have vast experience in carrying out photography and understand the needs of clients and the shots they require. We have carried out aerial photography missions throughout the UK for TV production, rail and utility companies, so we know the region like no other.

With experience in still and motion filming and photography we are able to offer a helicopter that suits your budget and needs. We are also able to arrange a photographer.

Turweston Helicopters were chosen to film the aerial footage for the new Aston Martin advertisement! Click here to see the new Aston Martin Zagato.

Aerial Work

Turweston Helicopters can provide aircrafts for the utilities industry including the patrol and survey of electrical power lines and gas pipelines. Vast networks of infrastructure are almost impossible to inspect from the ground, whereas the helicopter can cover hundreds of miles every day making the overall costs a viable solution to your business needs.

Our pilots have vast experience in aerial survey work and have worked for major companies in providing the main efficient and cost effective way of patrolling lines and easements in your area.